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Thursday, 8 September 2022

[OLENS REVIEW] Blackpink Softlense You Should HAVE!

Hello guys! Now it's my turn to write in english! Today I want to review more about OLENS Newest Collection, and it's called SMOKY SERIES! As you guys all know that Blackpink just launch their latest MV called PINK VENOM, they actually wear the lenses there! 

They have 3 colours for this collection. Gray, Olive and Brown. All looks so pretty and suddenly I just feels like being the 5th member of BLACKPINK! Hahahaha just kidding. Sometimes you know, I don't really like my 'before makeup' look whenever I use softlens. But... when I'm using this collection, it's just fits perfectly with my face.

I'm also aware that they're using Puscon material for this collections. This material only available for 1 Day use. One box consist of 10 pieces lens / 5 days wear. 

Honestly, this 1 Day really comfortable for my eyes. It really moist my eyes all the time eventho I already wear it for almost 10++ hours. So I really suggest you to try it!

You can buy it HERE at OLENS website! Happy shopping!

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