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Friday 30 October 2020

Korean Best Color Contact Lens - Olens [REVIEW]

Hello guys! Long time no see! Today I'm going to talk about my favourite Color Contact Lenses from Korea, and I know some of you might already heard about it before. It's OLENS! Yup. Best contact lenses for my opinion. Has been tried out many contact lenses previously, you named it. But I think OLENS has the best technology to create a comfortable yet pretty design for our eyes. Let us talk more about the products, shall we?

On this day, I want to share about SCANDI collections from OLENS. It has 5 different colours that can be wear naturally on your eyes. So, there's AQUA, LIGHT GRAY, GRAY, HAZEL and OLIVE.

So this SCANDI collections are the upgraded version of SPANISH collections. It will naturally blended on your original eye colour(perfect colour contact for dark eyes). The diameters itself only 11.9mm with 2 kind of wearing type (Daily or Monthly). I purchase every product of OLENS by their web/app OLENS GLOBAL, and get so many benefits from it such as monthly buy 1 get 1, new member sign up and get 15% off, Welcome kits(Free 3 pairs of 1 Day Samples) they also give FREE SHIPPING to your house WITH DHL (only 3-5 working days until it arrives at your house).

I've tried both one day and monthly contact lens and both seems very comfortable on my eyes. One Day Contact Lens from OLENS also made by PUSCON (Moisture) material. All colours really chic and stylish. Now I'm going to show you the colour and also the look on my eyes with contact lenses.

It looks great right? My favourite will be SCANDI OLIVE and also SCANDI GRAY. What's yours?. Beside that, OLENS - SCANDI also have BLACKPINK as their ambassadors. OMG! I love BLACKPINK so much, and I've seen so many MV (music videos) with BLACKPINK and OLENS Contact Lens. Here some of the recommendation for you!

So natural, right? You've become KPOP artist just in 1 second after wearing it (LOL). So for me, you should try it. WORTH YOUR MONEY! Now, let's have the last scoring for this Color Contact Lenses!

Packaging: 5/5

Colour: 5/5

Comfortness: 4.5/5

Durability: 4/5

Price: 3/5 ( a bit pricey but it's WORTH IT)

Overall: 86/100

For my last words, I surely tell you to try this products if you want / need a very nice colour contact lens yet comfortable for your eyes. I see you again on my next post! Hope you like my review. Don't forget to comment down below what are you thinking!


  1. Thank you ka Dea buat reviewnya bermanfaat banget ❤️

  2. Thank you ka Dea buat reviewnya bermanfaat banget ❤️

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