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Monday, 16 January 2017

GLA Skincare Liquid Body Cleanser Review [ENG]

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog... Have you ever heard about GLA Skincare before? This product I bought it from Thailand, it's a known brand in Thailand. Turns out it's made from a real and natural herbs & plant extracts from Asia, and now I'm going to review their Liquid Body Cleanser a.k.a Shower Gel which now become my favourite when I do my shower routines.

So, this is the packaging of the GLA Skincare, their product and packaging was developing by looking through nowadays lifestyle. My personal thoughts about the packaging: simple & lovable! I really like this kind of packaging for my skincare products.

They also use modern technology to make their products(get the extract of natural herbs & plants). GLA Skincare's scientifically proven effective. Their products prove that it's nourish and revitalize the skin, because after I took shower with their shower gel, my skin feel very smooth and moist. The production process use modern technologies and international standards.

As you can see, for the shower gel they have 2 kinds, the first one is Replenishing Liquid Body Cleanser, it's for condition and replenish skin, leaving it clean, soft and also supple. The ingredients of Replenishing Liquid Body Cleanser are mineral rich Himalayan salt and soothing rose water. The second one is Nourishing Liquid Body Cleanser and it helps your skin to look healthy and feels more soft, and it helps skin maintain its moisture. literally. Made with nourishing Shea Butter, Olive Fruit Oil, and Ylang Ylang. My favourite is the Replenishing Liquid Body Cleanser because of the smell, it's really my kind of fragrance(I like rose water so much). Like it's very light yet relaxing. 

The reason they make GLA Skincare because they want to show the truly healthy skin inside out by using their products, and the plus thing is they don't harm any animals when it comes to the process and testing.

- It's all about nature(herbs and plants)
- Their skincare is very gentle
- GLA Skincare provide so many variants of products
- They also have special skincare for sensitive skin
- Smell very very nice and gentle
- They use real essentials oil, that's why it's smell good
- The packaging is effortless pretty

- They only sell it in THAILAND
- They might do shipping, but only ship to America

So, I give this body shower gel 9.5/10. Because it's really suits my skin. For my readers, if you have a trip to Thailand, don't forget to find GLA Skincare and give me your thoughts about this product. See you on my next post! c-ya

For more info of this product:
IG: @glaskincare
Facebook: Gla Skincare




  1. nice review! too bad they only have it in Thai :(

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