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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Miam Miam Patiserrie~

Hello peeps! I got an invitation to review a cute and new little café at PIK(Pantai Indah Kapuk). The Café looks so cute from outside and also inside, both of ci Cominica(from and her sister, Vina Mayu, I have to say they did a great job for the Café.

So cute right ? what a perfect combination, white wall with red rose.

Now let's take a look inside of the café

I really love their design !!!

By the way, let me introduce you to the desserts one by one...
So, me and my friend having a Miam's Tea Time and it's called Antoinette's Favorite (for 2 persons). You will get variety of home made Tartlettes (2 pieces), Cupcakes (2 pieces), Macarons (4 pieces), and Freshly prepared bite-sized Canapes (2 pieces) with your choice of tea selections such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Camomile. I pick Earl Grey, it's my favourite tea beside Camomile.

 This one called "Mallow Land" Tartlettes. A mini tart with orange-lemon custard cream, apricort jelly and mini marshmallow. It tasted sweet but not too much. I like the custard cream inside the tart.

Macarons (UP): The Vert (Kyoto's green tea) and Chocolat (Rich dark cocoa)

This one called Madeleine, Traditional french butter cake with lemony flavour. My expectation was the texture will be very soft, but not really soft for the real taste.

For the cupcakes of the month made from Rich Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with special frosting and also topped with cream cheese, grated Milk Chocolate, toasted oats, skinny chocolate Pocky and toasted Almond. I like it but I prefer something melted inside the cupcake. TEE-HEE.

This one is Bite-sized pizza, made from puff pastry, smoked beef, mozarella cheese, and smoked cheese. I love it ! 

Macarons(UP): Fleurange (Orange blossom) and Avoine (Oatmeal & Cinnamon)

My favourite is Avoine. It taste really really yummy. And also you don't have to be a afraid to eat Miam Miam's Macarons! Miam Miam's Macarons are Guilt-free. 

Why? Because :
1. They use 100% Real Almond for all our Macarons recipes, except for other nuts flavour to enhance their natural taste.

2. Their Macarons are produced using only Real and Natural ingredients.

3. They also reduce the sugar in our Macarons, so Yes, the Macarons are low in calories than others.

4. Miam Miam Patisserie use natural colorings for their Macarons so the Macarons are come in mostly pastel colours!

5. Last but not least, the Macarons are Gluten free and High in protein.

I feel no guilt at all eating their Macarons(YUM!)

 And... This one is my favourite! It's Midori cake a.k.a Matcha cheesecake - Soft Kyoto's Matcha layered cake with milky Vanilla cream cheese, really really soft and not too sweet at all! This is the one that I shared on my Instagram(@deahamdan)


 With ci Vina Mayu

With ci Cominica

I personally love this café and the desserts. I will comeback again later and taste their others desserts! Thankyou for your treats ci Comi and ci Vina! 



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  1. how cute <3
    with just looking through these pictures, this place feels like home
    gonna visit this cafe if i stop by PIK

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