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Monday 12 October 2015

Sephora Gloss Sérum Repulpant No.9 [REVIEW]

Today, I want to review my newest lip gloss from Sephora. It called Sephora Gloss Sérum Repulpant. I got it from Sephora Plaza Indonesia, with color number 9. After Color Me event on my previous post(click here), they gave all of us a little gift and I got this lip gloss. Let's start the review, and oh by the way, now I'm more flexible into fashion, beauty and other thing to post, actually I'm in love with makeup and beauty since 5 years ago, but, not really into a blogpost or etc, I just want to practice it with myself. And then 2 years ago , I started my love to did makeup on my mother, or friends or the other family, and now I want to share with you also my beauty post beside my fashion post. Hope you guys enjoy my post.

I love this lip gloss because it give you a smooth textures and finishing, and also I love the colour, so match with my outfit. But because it's a lip gloss so the colour sometimes spread out from your lips and not really clean, and we have to apply it everytime, it will transfer to food or drink, but overall I really love the colour and the textures. Thankyou for reading my post! Don't forget to leave a comment below! Have a nice day peeps.



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  1. Gonna try this lip gloss soooon :3


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