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Thursday 22 October 2015

Alessandro Striplac [Launching Event]

Hello girls! Today Sephora Indonesia invited me to join their event which is product launching of Alessandro Striplac. Striplac is LED Gel Nail Polish that very useful for girls or women who love to paint their nails. Now you don't have to worry anymore when you want to use the nail polish. This Gel Nail Polish is a wellness for your nails. No roughening of the nail surface, you don't need to use acetone anymore and more important that you keep your nails being healthy because for the removal you just strip off the nail polish easily(WTH?? Very cool right!).

 They have more than 50 colours!

 No annoying drying time, paint, cure for 60 seconds, finished using LED-Kick!


 Me while trying the new gel nail polish

The Canapé from PAUL

 With Kak Ucita Pohan

 With Felicia Marcellina

With Kak Kara

My new gel nail polish^^

So, what are you waiting for guys? Try this new nail polish at Sephora Indonesia and feel the different! I'm gonna post my peel-off time after using Striplac for next 10 days. Wait for it! And don't forget to leave a comment below girls! Have a nice day^^




  1. Thisss iss sooo coool! Now I'm including this one in my wishlist too! XD

  2. The snacks look mouth-watering <3 #salahfokus :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. Aaaa so cool! Loving that colors tho!<3


  4. Hai sista blog nya sudah saya ikuti ya :)
    Follow blog saya juga dengan klik bagian sebelah kanan dan pilih tombol JOIN


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