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Monday 1 December 2014

My Wishlist for Christmas

Hey everyone, I come back with many "not-yet posted" post. So, today I'm gonna share to you all of my wish list for this year Christmas ! Yeayyy, really can't wait for the christmas day and also new year. I'll give some explanation why I put that "six things" to be on my wish list to end this 12 page of the year. I can be a dreamer on my own, right ? ;p.

1. Iphone 5s
I've been wanting this thing since last year. Some of you will think of, "Why Dea doesn't choose Iphone 6 or 6+ ?". I like this cute phone rather than the big one. Iphone 5/5s is enuff for my daily. I don't know, I just don't like it too much. But if someone give me Iphone 6/6+, who can resist it ? Lol.

2. YRU - CHARIOT Rainbow
This cute things make me fall in love since the first time I saw it. I love the colour and I think the shoe is comfortable. I don't have to be tired of the heels and also I can use it for wholeday. I am saving my money right now for this shoe!

3. Sun is shining Halter Top from This Is A Love Song a.k.a TIALS
Take a look at the sequins, perfect combination of grey, white, purple and black. OMG, I adore sequin "things" right now. Really want that halter top to be my xmas gift.

4. @_xmagic_ 's Iphone 5/5s case
Xmagic is a creative iphone case's creator based in Thailand. I don't have any reason. Just buy it for me pleaseeeee <3

5. Dollskill's Alien transparent backpack
I've been searching for this backpack since I don't know when. I love alien, I also love transparent things, just take my money!! But since dollskill is from US, u know the shipping from US to Indonesia is about $20. So, to the price of that bag....

6. Last but not least, Chiaroscuro and all of EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan & Lóreal Paris.
Yeah, I read some reviews about this brand, some of them said that it was overpriced. I saw it on youtube said that price of the makeup from 2013 to 2014 has been reduced like 10%-30% from the first time. For based on what i hear, The life palette(big size) price on 2013 is $70-ish, It turns out into $59. But the youtubers said the chiaroscuro is good and easy to use, and because of last 3 days are Black Friday Sale, so I ordered 3 things from em cosmetics. I'm excited ! Can't wait to try them all.

That's all my xmas wishlist <3. Thankyou for reading my post. Don't forget to comment below and what is/are your wishlist for this xmas ? Psst: I'm gonna do a giveaway if I got 1.5k followers on Instagram :) So follow me on blog and instagram ! 

IG: @deahamdan

Have a nice day !




  1. love chiaroscuro! and its on sale i guess cuz its black friday and cyber monday lol

  2. me too, prefer iphone 5s than 6 or +

  3. hope your christmas wish list come true! btw I saw the shoes that you want on sale in dollskill kalo ngga salah!


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