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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I'm joining WTF Styling competition

So guys, I'm joining WTF Styling competition. I'm in top 15 and I need your help to vote me by instagram, go to @wtfmarketid and then search for finalist no. 9 (It's me!). Don't forget to click love/like button. Actually, I'm targeting to be the first winner (who doesn't want to be the first?), please wish me all the best ;p. If you want to help me by voting me on instagram, I'll be so happy.
There will be 3 winner in this competition, 1st and 2nd based on the LIVE makeup and styling competition, and the other one is the favourite one, the favourite one is based on how many likes on instagram (I guess...). 

Here my looks for the competition:


Btw, you also can click this link -> Andrea Hamdan's looks

But don't forget to log in first to your instagram (by iconsquare) and click love button :) Thankyou so much guys :D




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