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Friday, 28 March 2014

Lipstick or Liptint Fever

Hello fashion people , long time no see. It's been +/- 2 weeks since my birthday post . Tody, I will do beauty post, but first, I want to say sorry, because I'm not expert on a beauty post :). Since I'm too lazy to editing my photo of my outfit when I went to RIHE 2014 or we called "MOZAIC" . But I will share my latest OOTD , I mean just for one photo of my OOTD. But for article about the fashion show, I'm gonna post it later :)
So because today I've already finish my Try Out from my school. I have a time to do a quick reviews about my favourite liptint and lipstick . Here it is ...

No 1. : Dear Darling Tint (number 4)
            Vampire red
No 2 : Fresh Cherry Tint (Code : RD 301)
*Sorry because number 4 and 3 being replaced :(*
No 4. : NYX Matte Lipstick (Code: MLS08)
            Pure Red
No 3. : Vivid Popstick (No.4)
            Hot Pink
All of these item are my favourites.

1.Dear Darling Tint: Yeah , Its look like vampire's blood colour, dark red.
2.Fresh Cherry Tint: for the packaging I thought it was red colour(as you can see from the first picture) but from the swatch we know that is more look like red colour
3.Vivid Popstick: We all know its Hot Pink colour !! :D
4.NYX Matte Lipstick : Do you want to get taylor swift's looks ? try this matte red colour!

And last but not least, I already tried these products on my lips *shame* . Sorry because my weird lips expression. Sometimes I can't smile using my lips, I mean i just can do big smile :D . hehehe . Here you go peeps :)

And for the bonus here. My ootd for RIHE 2014 "MOZAIC"
Details :
Tops : Geek Crop Top
Short : Black Leather Short
Outer : Red Tartan Outer from daisywebstore(instagram)
Necklace : Daisy Necklace from dressmeupstore(instagram)
Cat Stocking: unbranded
Shoes : Ankle Boots from TLTSN

Thankyou peeps for reading my newest post . Enjoy and don't forget to leave up some comments below ! Pa-pay !!! See you in the next post :)



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  2. wow I love colors !!! <3333333 thaks for great post!


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