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Friday 21 February 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week

Hello Peeps ! Yesterday I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 at Jakarta Convention Centre(JCC) . The event start from 20th - 23rd February 2014 . I went to IFW 2014 on 21st . I came there with my cousin . It was really exciting . I meet up with celine and ci Gabby . And I saw all the booths there with celine . Celine is a cute girl , really - really cute . I really love talking with her. And , I almost forget ! I got the invitation for the main fashion show . First, I don't know anything what theme of that day fashion show . And ahhh ... It was moeslim wear(not going to be racist , please read more :) ) . But still I'm very happy , because it was my first time watching fashion show. And yeah, I still loved the fashion show, because all of the clothing seems very culturistic for me. And it was really cool ! escpecially when Dian Pelangi's part . Really - really love , how she manage her fashion show like she did it for our culture in Indonesia . Like Balinese , Sundanese(I think, tell me if its wrong) , and many more. And I also got free photobooth(YEAY) . But , don't forget , for pay the ticket with HTM Rp.20.000 . It's really cheap I think , because I compare with many events(?) . But still I suggest you to come to this event .
Here's my OOTD and my reports for Indonesia Fashion Week... . Please Enjoy :)


 With ci Cominica

 With Celine Johan <3

 With ci Gabby & celine


With the model of fashion show
Too pretty:)

In conclusion , I really love Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 !! . Thankyou Jakarta for being the place where IFW's stand . Happy Saturday peeps !!! Please leave a comment below :) I'd really love when you give me some comments :) . Bye~


  1. The event looks so much fun! You look lovely too.

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  2. guess you had a great time there ;) nice blog ;)

  3. cool and fun! It looks like you had a great time there ;)
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  4. So pretty pics. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  5. Loving your laid back style :)


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