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Saturday 4 January 2014

Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

Hello , thankyou for being my reader here ...
And also I'm sorry for always lazy to submit my post here in this blog . But I hope this 2014 will be btter than 2013 . Ah , before I talk about my #OOTD yesterday , I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy newyear 2014 , tho . Sorry for being late :( . Hope this 2014 will be better than before :D .

Now , I'm gonna talk about my outfit , yesterday . Yesterday I went to church and also Gandaria City. Actually I want to use my "Bad Don't Don't" dress . But my mom and my father seems didn't like if I use that dress to go to the church . So I changed my outfit into this :


Sorry for taking picture at the store . And Yes it is , Dorothy Perkins Store's big mirror . I'm using my bat shirt again , because I think I'm starting love this shirt .

Thankyou for reading my second post .Please keep reading my blog and give me your comment about mine . luvvvv u all <33
Batman Shirt : Aglae House
Blue Crop Tank : Topshop
Black Skater Skirt : New Look
Turquoise SkullHand Clip : ItsKeenethic
My Little Pony Necklace : Petriciaure

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